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Time Stamps - College Hoops @ 2:00, Rockies @ 8:15

Host Drew Nixon discusses the newly formed NCAA working group and the impact it could have on not only athletes, but also the college and professional teams.

Sports mean so much more than just what happens on the court. Just ask Derrick Rose. Arguably the sports story of the 2018-2019 season, this was a not only a great story but also a life lesson.

Time Stamp - 3:20


UVA champion and Final Four Most Outstanding Player Kyle Guy joins the show to discuss being a champion, influences on and off the court, and more!

CSU-Pueblo Football coach John Wristen joins the show to discuss their recent spring football game, how much he enjoys coaching and also expectations for this upcoming season.

OJC Coach Cole Dewey joins the show to discuss the season, the impact his playing days have on his coaching style, and more!

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