College Football Is Almost Here!

The title explains the excitement you should have for the end of next month. College football is less than two months away and on the Sports University Blog beginning next week, the page will have a preview for every single FBS conference!

That entails predictions including records for each team, conference champion, and which teams make bowl games. In addition to the predictions, the blog will address coaching changes and what to watch for in each conference.

College sports are unique in many ways, but particularly college football. The tradition of college football is what makes it one of the most popular sports in America. Pageantry is another great way to describe it.

I get goosebumps watching College Gameday just waiting for Lee Corso to put on the headgear and maybe fire a gun or two; then it’s time! A day full of games, upsets and season shifting wins. It all goes down on the field. And we get to enjoy it.

You fall in love with a team and that comes with emotional highs and lows. We could be witnessing another great rivalry with Alabama and Clemson (I hope they meet again in the title game) and it’s been a fun one to watch!

You should be excited for college football. Many people are. Just ask the plethora of people chanting “Roll Tide!” til’ the cows come home. They have one thing on their mind and that’s redemption. another title, and a clear argument as to who is the greatest coach of this generation in Nick Saban.

It’ll be a fun summer leading up to late August, the previews come next week and we’ll see if they come true! That’s one of the best parts about sports. At the start of the season every team is 0-0. Anyone can win, anyone can lose. Who will rise?

One thing’s for sure. It’s almost college football time.